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The Telwynium: Book Two

- The Summer King -

The Telwynium Book Two continues directly from Book One. Don't worry, there's an in game re-cap if you haven't played it!

You've been betrayed! The magic wielding Aldor that rescued you from the hands of the shadowfell is dead. Your home town burns, and your only remaining childhood friend is held captive by those monsters, on the way to Targoth, south of the Burning Swamp.

But you are not alone. By your side is Drissa and Alethi, the two-headed Raakmiri rogue. The axe-wielding Uplander, Otarr. And of course, your army of skeletons.

The Telwynium: Book Two is an early 90s style point and click, with Sierra SCI0 style graphics, but with a fancy new-fangled point 'n click interface.


This is an early version of the game for Adventure Jam 2022! 

It's missing a few scenes, including the real ending! If you're not part of AdvJam and would like to wait a few weeks, I should be able to finish it up!

If you do play now, you won't lose any progress if you update later.

Made with PowerQuest!

Dave's 2d adventure game toolkit for Unity. 

Try it out yourself!

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How To Play

  • When in doubt, look about! 
    • In this style of game, looking is very important, It's easy to miss things if you're not looking at everything.
    • The walkthrough is included in a readme file if you get stuck.
  • Left click:
    • With the Boot cursor to walk.
    • With the Gauntlet cursor to interact. (Talk, Pick-up, Use)
    • With the Eye cursor to Examine, and find clues to solve the puzzles.
    • On an inventory item to Equip it (or examine with the eye cursor)
    • With an inventory item to use it
  • Right click:
    • To change cursor
    • To unequip an inventory item
  • C to toggle CRT camera effects


  • Dave Lloyd (@DuzzOnDrums) -  Story, Code, Art
  • Brandon Blume (@BrandonBlume) - Music and SFX
  • Barney Cumming (@Powerhoof) - Walking Animation
  • Clare Del Beato - Proofreading
  • Fonts by Goatmeal
  • Some SFX hacked up from old SCI0 games
  • Special thanks and inspiration:
    • Clare & Tom
    • Louis Meyer (@LouisDMeyer) - Additional Music in Book One
    • The Seadads and Feeding Timers
    • Christy Marx & Peter Ledger
    • Robert Jordan & David Eddings


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the-telwynium-book-two-windows.zip 40 MB
Version 0.1.2
the-telwynium-book-two-osx.zip 49 MB
Version 0.1.2
the-telwynium-book-two-linux.zip 56 MB
Version 0.1.2


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Can't wait to finish this! I played through the first one a few weeks back and had a great time with this one when I found it. Strangely it took a bit of trouble to find. I couldn't see it on your itch.io page and only found it by looking up Telwynium book two on google. 

Also I found a glitch when I tried to restore my game after I got to the current ending. The music stopped and I couldn't close the window. It was a bit odd.

Despite those minor gripes, can't wait to see where the series goes from here.

Yeah I've been waiting until I finish book 2 properly before I make it more public on itch. That save was mainly intended for when you update to the finished version so hopefully works ok then! I'll test it to make sure. I can always just make a save game up to that point for people though anyway. 

I absolutely loved the second installment of this game! Considering that you said you ran out of time, I think it was ended off fantastically! I'm very keen for the updated part 2.


love this so far! looking forward to the end. I do think the puzzles in this were harder than book 1, I'm not really a fan of hard puzzles in adventure games when the difficulty ends up being a lot of clicking around. Things like getting the corkscrew or sawing the handrail were just really easy to miss. I think maybe just some extra written lines would go a long way - the type of lines you already have sometimes like "this railing looks like it would make a great tool if i could cut some off" or "the waiter placed the corkscrew and the wine on the table". It's just very easy to miss stuff graphically, so I ended up checking the guide several times. Still though - really loving the story and art, great characters, really great homage to the old games.

Totally agree. I'm trying to fix up most of those in the update. The gamejam version suffered from lack of testing, just didn't have time to check what I needed to add a bit more direction for.


Well done so far, I look forward to the completed version of the game!


Glad we got to see a continuation of the story and the return of some familiar as well as new characters. Like the first book, it feels part of an epic storyline with lore well beyond what we get to see and explore in the game. Really looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us in the post-jam update and/or Book 3.

I've always had a soft spot for SCI0 style graphics and the subtle CRT shader makes it even better (though I do also appreciate having the option to turn it off). Especially the head and hand at the peak are really good.

Brandon did great work with the music as well. Long live the MT-32.

Thanks SHDon! I really love drawing in this style. I think for Book 3 I'll have to scope down again so I can actually get it done, bit off too much for this one! I'm thinking about having you play from some other characters perspective too. Might be cool.


Excellent game, very much in tune with the first part.