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Mycologist Dr. James Turner had been stationed at an Antarctic research base for the past decade. He and his wife were nearing completion of their study into the ancient fungal organisms buried deep below the ice, when something had gone very wrong.

Peridium is a short point and click horror adventure originally made in just over 5 days for Adventure Jam 2017. (Check out the dev log video here!)


  • Point and click (if you daaare!)
  • Fully voice acted
  • Multiple endings. The good ending and the bad ending (Just kidding, they're both bad endings)


  • Left click to interact, walk
  • Right click to examine (if you're not sure what to do, look around!)
  • Move cursor to top left of screen to access inventory.
    • Left click to select item, then again to use
    • Right click to examine, or clear selected item


A 2d adventure game tool for Unity made by Dave

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorsPowerhoof, SeaDads
Tagsadvjam2017, Horror, Point & Click, Short
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksHomepage, Twitter


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peridium-windows.zip 102 MB
Version 1.3
peridium-osx.zip 119 MB
Version 1.3
peridium-linux.zip 125 MB
Version 1.4

Development log


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Fantastic game! You really set up a high bar of what is achievable in 5 days :) Excellent work!!

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Really cool game, I liked it a lot!

-Made a Video. (Old Video)


Brilliant work! Can't wait for The Drifter.


Oh, sick! Especially that moment when you first walk across the room and see... how far things have gone. Very nice, very creepy, great art! The full voice acting is something special, as well.

Super enjoyed this game!  We played Alluvium before and loved it; was definitely not disappointed by this game :D


great game, quick and terrifying.


I rarely like a free game here so much that I leave a review, but I LOVED this. It was short but still had me thinking about it an hour after I finished. I wish there was some way of going straight back into the final choice after you've played through once, so you wouldn't have to play the whole game again, but I suppose since you can go through it all again in just like a minute, it doesn't matter.

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Completely brilliant.  I suspected where it was heading, but the buildup was perfect.  



Omg, so many questions !!!! Keep up the good work, I'd die for a long game of yours tbh. There's something about your games that make them familiar but original, idk, really great. Thanks for making them.

for some reason the mouse is not working in the linux version

Same problem here - it would be amazing if this could be fixed, as the game's intro was so extremely promising!

Oh, damn. Is there any particular distro or whatever you're using? No promises, but I can try and take a look.

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Doesn't seem so - it neither works on Slackware64-current nor on openSUSE Leap 15.0, but I'll try with a Ubuntu Live CD tomorrow to be sure.

The problem is that the mouse cursor can't be moved - clicking seems to work fine, though, but that's obviously not enough to play an adventure game ;-) The log file doesn't seem to contain any relevant information about the problem.

This problem does not occur with Murdercide 2017 and Alluvium, though Blood Mechs also seems to be affected. Your other games which I've played already don't seem to support mouse input.

Oh very weird that murdercide/alluvium work and peridium doesn't. Hrmm. Could be the specific version of unity I used for that one, I know there were issues with one version with controllers being plugged in or something. I've rebuilt with a later version, so try it again (v1.4) and let me know if that works!


Yes, that did it - thanks a lot, I've just finished the game twice!

It has it all: It's a bit frightening, it's a bit funny, but it's such a polished 2D adventure experience! The dialogues are well written, the puzzle design is satisfying and the voice acting is, as usually, top-notch. I felt in love with "Peridium",  so I was very happy to see that you not just got the 1st place in the whole Adventure Jam 2017, but also the Developer's Choice Award as well as two Judges' Picks. And I have to agree with them, that's why I not just wrote a praising article about it and uploaded a playthrough video, but I also included it in our GOTY 2017 list. Well deserved, because you guys showed off all your skills once again. Thank you for this game. <3

Best wishes,

Thanks Sebastian!  I'm hoping to do something for the upcoming Adventure Jam too!

I'm super glad to hear that! Can't wait to see what all the marvelous devs may come up with in that one... <3 And I'm definitely looking forward to your new entry! :)

This is one of the creepiest 2D games I've ever played. Good job, man!

This pixelated HORROR game is freaking amazing like  for real!
 It was a pleasure to make a video of this game!
So much feels in this one...

Share and Like if you enjoyed!

Great voice acting make this game worth playing.  Also very cool endings. Great Job... :) 

I liked this game a lot, the ending had me like "WTF" but it was good nonetheless!

Check out my gameplay below, and do the YouTube thing and subscribe!

Hey nice game! I really enjoyed playing it! Here is My let's play of the game! :D 

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This game is awesome, I'm glad I got to experience it. It sucked me in from the start, I love the pixelated art style it has, and the voice acting is absolutely phenomenal!

The game blew my expectations out of the water. It's creepy, dark and clever. I'd recommend anyone and everyone to try this game out.

Also, if you don't mind, I recorded a short let's play of the game.

Cheers and best wishes, I hope to see more from you in the future!

wow this is absolutely brilliant!  right when the (amazing) voice acting started i immediately knew i was playing something professionally made! i wish more games had the format of this one, that allowed me time to think and dramatically increased the tension without any major jumpscares (VERY MUCH APPRECIATED) despite a lot of scenes taking me off guard.  solid disturbing imagery, but i only once found myself covering my eyes (so i could still play!) AND no tutorial needed while still feeling scared! 10/10

One of the most awesome - short experiences i've ever had!I really liked the voice acting and the whole concept was mind intriguing!Followed you for upcoming projects or the final release of this one  xD
Here is my Let's Play: 

WONDERFUL GAME!!! it reminded me of The Thing by John Carpenter (my fav horror movie), AWESOME JOB dear devs!!! GREAT GAME :D P.s i did a video of it :P 

This was a great game, the story reminded me a lot of The Thing from time to time. The story and the graphics were amazing.  I can't wait for the full release! 

This was an awesome  little game (Couldn't figure out the second ending thou) Thanks for making the game 


I absolutely loved this short story! The voice action was so good and totally set the mood. Totally got a John Carpenter's The Thing mixed with Secret of Monkey Island vibe. I would love to see a much larger game set in this universe and story Keep it up guys this was awesome! I also made a full playthrough video with no commentary so that you could just enjoy the story check it out here:

*Rurr* Hello there! I gave the game a play, although I was hoping for a bit more - I found myself attached to the main character and their woeful development as time progressed, the ending leaving me a bit sad - hoping I could've changed the outcomes - but, it was a good ride, good voice acting and quality.

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This was way more exciting, thrilling and horrifying than I expected it and I loved it so much, that I'm going to be doing a full playthrough of it!

In the mean time, if you want to see my version of the Game Jam build that was made to be a bit more movie-esk, then feel free and I hope you enjoy it!

Really awesome little point and click. Hope you're looking to make more, would love to see this expanded in the future.


Cheers, really glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the video!

Really fantastic. Superb voice acting and really tense throughout, great job.


This Game Is Bloody Amazing.... That's all I need to say about it. I'm not usually a fan of point and click games but this is honestly one of my favorite games of the year. Well done team, I would love to see more like this.

I couldn't pass up making a let's play of this game for my channel.

Cheers dude! Glad to hear it. Great to hear an Aussie voice playing it, it was cool making something with Aussie characters!

MORE! MORE! MORE!!!!  :)