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Born on this dry rock, you rode the dunes your entire life, free... Until they build that damned space elevator.

Now a rush on the resources locked below the sandy wasteland had every thug and lowlife in the colonies rushing to your home. But you have your bike, she's never let you down, and the wide wide roads of Rhea are calling.

Created for 7 day Roguelike, this is a more motorcycley take on a space shooter. Blast some baddies, upgrade your bike, and do some sick burnouts.


  • WASD: Accelerate, break and steer
  • Space: Overdrive (spins back tyre, lets you turn quickly, and exceed your max speed if you can stay in control)
  • Enter: Shoot
  • E: Toggle water cooling, useful if your bike keeps overheating, but consumes water.
  • Take out enemies and collect what they drop to upgrade your bike, your only remaining friend on this harsh moon.
  • Try and reach the space elevator and shut it down... You wont succeed...
  • No seriously, you won't, there's no space elevator in the game, just kill doods and see how high you can get your level before dying.



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This game is really cool and fun to play. The art is minimalistic but really nice to look at. The movement and combat is easy to learn but really fun to use. I had a great time figuring out different maneuvers and techniques to use in combat. My only real complaint is that the randomized upgrades can sometimes make singular runs really unfortunate to play through. In a lot of games I'd be doing well, but randomly all of the upgrades I'd pick up would downgrade like the same two stats. So I'd end up being so slow that I couldn't do anything before fuel ran out, or the cooling would be so bad that I could only shoot my gun twice before having to wait for it to stop overheating. The game's still really fun otherwise, but I just wish that the player could choose what stats get lowered with each level up. IDK take that with a grain of salt. Good Game!

This game really nails the movement, its really satisfying to speed across the dunes and drift in to attack convoys.


This is awesome! I can't put it down!

If you were to slow it down a lot and change the graphics for spaceships, you could easily make an awesome 2D topdown Expanse sim game!

The idea actually stemmed from thinking about how the genre of 2d topdown space games would work if they were *not* in space! I've been thinking about this game more recently... still would like to revisit it at some point. Maybe trying to bring some metagame elements from Sid Meier's Pirates! into the mix... Could be interesting but could see it ballooning into a pretty big project ;)

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Hello, how exactly am I supposed to open this? I am using MacOS and I am confused as to why unzipping the downloaded file results in a folder with game data inside and nothing else?

Hi. Just looks like you downloaded the linux version accidentally.

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this is cool, what would be fun is a "radio" feature, put mp3s in, and they'll play in the game.


nice atmosphere!
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Likewise the previous poster, using UbuntuLTS based Linux - 18.04 - I have the stats part of the screen glitchy all over, with the desktop picture piercing through. Pity. This might be a game that I could enjoy for a while.


hard to start at it,  but by level 10 it's more fun.  I'm using itch on linux(ubuntu) and have an issue where the stats are all jumbled.  I like how as some stats go down you have to modify strategy.    


This is absolutely awesome. Totally could be made into a bigger game. 

I just wanted to revisit this to let you know that you have a killer game here.

I originally played it last year when it was released, and it has stuck in my head ever since.  The music, the atmosphere, even the name has such a catch to it, that I remembered it after not playing it for almost a year!  Marketing-wise, I think you have a good formula here for a game that sticks with you long after you're done playing.

Please turn this into a larger game.  It's awesome!

Wow that's really awesome, thanks for letting me know! I do want to revisit it someday, I still think about it every so often too. I haven't got a solid idea of how I'd scale it up into something bigger with long term progression, the ideas I have aren't quite jelling quite yet.  So hopefully I'll get that spark of inspiration at some point!

crashes a lot

This is awesome! How did you manage the Enemy AI? I tried doing a spaceship game with Navmesh and had a lot of problems getting it working with vehicles that have a turning radius.

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Well having no environment collision to avoid helped ;) But yeah that'd be a tricky problem to solve with navmesh!

 I did have a bit of code to steer them away from on-coming collisions, but it was really pretty basic tbh, they just steered toward their target and accelerated when facing it.

Ah, ok sounds like I was overcomplicating things :)

Great job guys! A LOT of potential!

WOW this is cool! waht engine did you use?

Thanks! I'm using Unity.

Cool! That's what i thought. Are you continuing development on this? waht are your plans? it's AWESOME!

I'm thinking of it more as a prototype for a larger game rather than something I'll keep adding features to in it's current form. But I definitely like the idea of doing more with this concept!

Cool! Can't wait for some new stuff! Hang in there ;)

Super fun. Great art style, and the mechanics feel soooo good. Pretty challenging but very rewarding taking down other bikers. Would love to see this expanded into a full game!

Really well made game! There is one typo in the monologue ("Pity it weigh[t]s so much").

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Great game. I think it has potential as something more. I think the combat needs more of a disincentive to staying still in combat to prevent me from stopping and pivoting to deal with enemies when using certain builds.


I did a quick balance pass today, so you shouldn't constantly run out of fuel anymore, yay!

great update the balance is much better.i hope to see more content in the future!


Cool start! I liked having fuel rate burn as your used the throttle. Needs some balancing but a cool and efficient start! Nice work!


Very cool gameplay and art reminds me of Akira bike gangs. :)


Very Cool game !! I wont be surprised if you polished the game more and this becomes something amazing than it already is. great job man.

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Amazing game, great gameplay, simple yet fun. So much potential as well, this could be expanded and become a really amazing game

what software was used to make this game?

I'm using Unity

thanks, mate!

This is really good and kind of addicting, but almost all of my attempts ended when I ran out of fuel. It either needs to drop much more often and in larger amounts or get used up much slower. Maybe make engine rating and traction improve fuel usage? Could also use larger armor pickups.

Yeah, just didn't have time in the gamejam to do that final balance pass, so some elements are completely off :) I should have time to fix it this week though I reckon!


good job man, it's a very fun game. expand it and tune it, the idea is real good!


Dude, game is so cool

except for the little guys which takes the whole realism away

And the idea is so good(it can use a better story i guess an no little guys, collision etc.), I would like to see it becoming more than a 7 day game.

I also love the art it fels solid

Is there a fuel source in the game?


Thanks! I imagined the little ones as drones or something, but really just didn't have time to make more baddies in the 7 days ;) And yeah I'd love to have a fleshed out story too.

There's a random chance each pickup will contain either fuel, water or armour. It's not balanced very well though. You can avoid doing the wheelspin to save fuel when it's low too.

love the game. is there a way we can change the drop rate of certain drops? (like fuel)


I should have time to fix the fuel balance that this week

sweet cant wait :)