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love it but wish if you could have an ai competer

Hello, I was wondering I plugged my ps4 controller into this game and whenever I jump to join it makes 2 guys instead of one and I'm controlling them both at the one time, is this just with ps4 controllers?

Played this game at PAX Aus today and just downloaded the free version, it's super fun, can't wait for the steam version to be released :)

This is a very fun game, but can you add a setting to turn off the announcers? They get a little repetitive.


I have one question about compatibility... can you be a not human playing this?

I hope the development of this game will be continued. This game is absolutely fun. 

I have an Xbox 360 wireless reciever and an Xbox One wireless adapter hooked up.  Only recognizes the 360 controllers.  (Works with other games)  Is it possible to use both the wireless 360 and XBOne controllers? 

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Same issue here!  We had a mix of 360 wireless, one wireless, and wired controllers and only the 360 wireless and wired controllers worked.

Edit: turns out it's a limitation of xinput of 4 xbox style controllers.  How can this came claim to support up to 10 players when its using xinput?

Great game! I made a couple videos on it!

Was this made with Unity as well? just curious!



The Friendless Couple approves! So much fun even though we suck!!!