PowerQuest v0.16

Another year since the last major update, but there's been lots of changes happening in the beta branch!

There's no huge game-changing features, but a lot of things that make life easier, including:

  • Editor organisation: Object type filter buttons, quick search and sub-folder support for quest objects
  • Automatic letterboxing to handle unsupported aspect ratios
  • GUI: Text field control and keyboard/controller navigation support
  • Characters: Anti-Glide mode
  • Audio: Music loop points, play cues from project window and preview in animation editor
  • More Text tools for CSV export/import
  • Another gorillian fixes and tweaks

As usual, the full changelist is here: http://powerquest.powerhoof.com/version_history.html


PowerQuest.unitypackage 5 MB
Version 0.16.8 May 22, 2023
PowerQuest-Beta.unitypackage 5 MB
Version 0.16.8 May 22, 2023

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I think you are doing impressive job. All this editors, csv export import... you dig these tools. And write some cod, as i think to make data work. It is impressive. It is more a game engine or game tool then a game. I guess... i mean now...but you are doing a game with your own atitude... Thats exciting! And it is a huge work, i think..

Thanks :