PowerQuest v0.15

It's been about 6 months since the last non-beta update, but it's here!

The big new feature is the integrated GUI System! I just made a nifty video about it-

There's lots of other new stuff too, including:

  • New integrated GUI System
  • New template GUIs- Save/Restore, Options, Prompt popups
  • Support for latest Unity (2020.3 LTS now recommended)
  • Region tinting can fade as character walks in/out of a region
  • Smooth camera zooms and pans. See gif!
  • Easing curves for moving props and characters
  • Setting now saved in separate file, so loading a game doesn't mess with your volume, etc
  • Better support for animating the cursor
  • Characters can now have AnimPrefix, for easier costume changes and the like
  • Characters can walk/animate in the middle of talking, and dialog text moves with them
  • You can now use Regions can now block off a walkable area, rather than having to make separate areas
  • Exposed more of PowerQuest to be customisable and extendable
  • A gorllian fixes and tweaks

  • As usual, the full changelist is here: http://powerquest.powerhoof.com/version_history.html


    PowerQuest.unitypackage 4 MB
    Version 0.15.11 Feb 17, 2022
    PowerQuest-Beta.unitypackage 4 MB
    Version 0.15.11 Feb 17, 2022

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