PowerQuest v0.14

Version 0.14.8 is up and out of beta!  See below for a list of changes, or the full list here.

Also, my Adventure Jam winning game The Telwynium has source code available! (Note that it was made with Unity 2018.4)

Here's some of whats's changed since the last main release in April:

  • A bunch of useful functionality for characters:
    • You can now automatically use the shape of their sprite as their hotspot. 
    • They can path-find around each other (Just mark them both as 'Solid')
    • They can Walk and Animate while talking
    • Convenient 'Animation' property, good for setting temporary poses
    • StartFacingCharacter() function so they'll will naturally turn to face others as they move about a room
    • AddWaypoint() function, to set up a string of specific movements in a row
    • Show() and Hide() them a lot more conveniently.
  • Handy editor updates:
    • Context menus in room/character/etc lists to give more obvious access to options
    • Highlight and filter rooms/characters/etc to keep things manageable as your project gets larger
  • Sprite importer tweaks
    • Setup, re-import, play and locate animations/sprites from the importer
    • Create props directly from the importer
    • Aseprite users: Animations timing is imported, and tag names can be imported too
  • More template gui upgrades, with thanks to StickGrinder on the Discord
    • The 9-verb template is set up to be translated, here it is in 'pirate'
  • Heaps of tweaks and fixes


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Version 0.14.8 Aug 23, 2021

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