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The local-multiplayer dungeon crawler where your friends control the monsters! 

Battle through randomly generated dungeons full of cruel traps and horrid beasts- all controlled by the other players. If a friend kills you they take your place and it's their turn to crawl! It's a race to gain enough XP and loot to face them all as they control the flailing limbs of the hulking final boss!


  • Every trap and monster can be controlled by your real-life buddies!
  • Play solo or with up to 4 in local-multiplayer.
  • Vicious single player AI, challenges to master, and items to unlock.


  • Level up and amass a huge variety of weapons, spells and items in each 30 minute game. 
  • Evolve over 60 unique monsters from mere vermin into powerful demons and undead warriors.
  • Play with Controllers, Keyboard or Mouse

About Us

Powerhoof is a coder/artist duo making games from Melbourne Australia. As well as bigger commercial games, we love making little free games with friends, check them out on our itch.io page!

Special thanks goes to @YeOldShrimpEyes for bringing our narrator to life, and @Alex_Yoder for the awesome soundtrack!


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

crawl-windows.zip 60 MB
Version 1.0.1
crawl-osx.zip 70 MB
Version 1.0.1
crawl-linux.zip 75 MB
Version 1.0.1


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well that is nice that it COMES WITH a steam key. its like getting 2 copies of the game almost

¿Podrá este juego salir gratis por un corto tiempo?

100% recomendado epico

Hi,I was considering purchasing the game (didn't decided yet). I have a question: since it comes with a steam key, does it have the same DRM system? 

Yeah, if you buy Crawl on itch you get the DRM free version as well as a steam key

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I've just bought the game on gog, it's on sale there.

I also noted that on steam it's listed for the same price as here, only in euros. So it's slightly more expensive there.

I don't get all these inconsistencies in pricing, but I suppose it's transparent to you.

Can't wait to try out the game, saw several gameplays on youtube and it looked great!

Nice job guys, thanks.

Ah yeah, we don't update prices in individual currencies, since there's a looot of them on steam, and the rate changes all the time. Here is just in USD


Why did Crawl get out of the Nintendo eshop? That was one of the best multiplayer games I had ever played. 


Una gran obra.

One of the best games I've ever played with my friends/family/neighbors xD


Love the game! I've been enjoying it all week. Is anyone else having problems using a controller through their computer?


Sin duda uno de los mejores juegos que existen, pase varias horas con mis primos jugando este maravilloso juego uwu




I have 🏁 this Game a long time ago and had everything collected. I would like to see a new update or a dlc for this game with new content.

grab some friends and try not to beat eachother up

(1 edit) (+4)

on a scale of one to ten this game is yes


I have the PS4 version of this game and it's incredible! Highly recommend, as long as you're ok with hating your friends by the end of it.

Finally, everyone is required to buy this 


A M A Z I N G !  :D