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This is amazing. Loved every part of it. Congratulations!


this is me playing the game and it would mean alot if you could check out my channel and help me by subscribing. game was realllyyy funny and fun to play


i am amazed that i've never played a powerhoof game. after playing this game, you have a new fan! my partner and i played this game together and it's funny, chaotic, and just plain fun. we both enjoyed the comedy and writing. voice acting is on point and really felt like we were watching a production gone wrong. your team did a great job in everything in this game. looking forward in playing the other adventure games.

Powerhoof's creations never cease to amaze. From despairingly desperate horror experiences (Peridium and Alluvium) to laugh-out-loud comedy set pieces like The Inanimate Mr. Coatrack and now, You're Watching ICEBOX!

I had so much fun with this one. The voice acting was superb, and I wanted to make sure I explored every dialogue option just so I could hear as many jokes as possible.

As with the previous offerings from this dev, the puzzles won't leave you scratching your head / smashing it off a wall, they're challenging but not too much so. This keeps the overall story ticking along nicely before it hits an incredibly satisfactory (and hilarious) conclusion.

If you like your point and click adventures old school, then this needs to be the next game on your playlist!


it was Funny, it was weird, it was hard at some point. but i LOVE this game! i really really love the voice acting. this was my first time to play as a host of a TV show so for me it was unique to host while dealing with the disaster on the set! 

p.s game starts at 4:59

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The gameplay was good, story was funny, 10/10


Made a video

Great job with this game! It's funny loool :))))

it was funny but also very bizarre.

awesome way to spend a halfhour! Thanks for making this!

Icebox is an incredibly charming game. Dave did a fantastic job writing/developing, and Adrian's various voices kept a smile on my face throughout. Icebox is a super short game, but that's even more reason to give it a try.

Very fun game. the cartoony art style is gorgeous.

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I love this game! Also, I made a gaming video about it, check it out: 

I'm a bit stuck and I looked at the walkthrough, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to click "backstage"

The cursor should change to an arrow between the fridge and the Wheel of Cool™ :)

It does, but when I click it moves my character and then I get yelled at to come back onstage. 

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Have you got the bucket yet? You need to do that first (the backstage cursor changes to the 'talk' one when you need to go backstage)

I already know it's going to be something obvious. I've did all the dialogue with the lady and the lawyer including the wheel. The bucket is on the table and I've gotten the letter, empty fire exh. and confetti in my inventory. I've tried to click on things and combine things but haven't had any luck with it.


Aha, you need to get the lawyer angry some more, keep talking to him


This was great! I loved all of the characters, and the final puzzle with the moose head was really creative. I did feel bad for Plunkett in the end though lol. Great game!


I love this game, its clear that love was put into every part of it, even if it was this short. I do wish I could atleast see the "five more seasons" the exec was talking about.