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Pourquoi sommes-nous encore là ? Juste pour souffrir ? Chaque nuit, je peux sentir ma jambe... Et mon bras... même mes doigts... Le corps que j'ai perdu... les camarades que j'ai perdus... n'arrêteront pas de me faire mal... C'est comme s'ils étaient tous encore là. Vous le sentez aussi, n'est-ce pas ?

why wont it let me open the game after download??

Amo como suena al estirarse XDDD

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Okay I may have actually died playing this, the mechanics and sound design had me in stitches!!

Amazing game


i need to play pls



I have a question, how do you save your data. I played for awhile and got pretty far, and left the game, I now lost all my data and I have to restart, please tell me how to save and if you can't, fix this and add in saving in the game.


i mean, the games pretty short and i finished it in 20 or so minutes so they dont really need to add a save, but if they decide to add more to the game then yeah sure im on your side

? yay

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Hi! I played your game and I absolutely enjoyed it. I loved the concept of stretching to get to the end and serve the customers. The fact that also you had to get those bottles of lotion i believe(?) to get more of a stretch going. 

The random noises as well such as “My word!” Or “I say!” was a personal favorite of mine. 

Overall,  I’ll say: 

10/10 would stretch again.

(Sorry for the late response, I just made my account and the video I made on this game is a few months old)

I absolutely loved playing this game! I love the mix of platformer and puzzles, not to mention the sound effects are the best. xD The rubberband and balloon are my favs. lol I made a video of the game play and my first impressions with it. I hope you enjoy and I'm looking forward to any further developments on this game. <3 <3 <3

That was a stunning puzzle platformer game with some excellent sound design. <3 Each squeak made me chuckle for a second, and the "Tetris"-esque transformations of the Maître D' were a optical delight as well. :D The polish of this game made a super juicy experience and if it would have been longer, then I would have played each level without a doubt! The protagonist is the accordian hero that every restaurant needs. :D It's no wonder that this game got the 1st place in the whole Ludum Dare 35. <3 Happily I wrote a little article about your game and also uploaded it a short gameplay video for it, and also it's included in our GOTY 2016 list. <3 Like always, thank you so much for your hard work. I really appreciate it how much fun and joy you share with the game jam world. :)

Best wishes,

any fully fledged game in the works?

Please fix downloading this game inside the Itch app since I can only download through this page using a browser, I would prefer download it using the Itch app but it fails downloading. Otherwise thanks for a great game lots of fun. Regards :)

Hrmm, as far as I can tell it should work. What platform are you on? Win/Mac/Linux?

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Thanks for try and help out, I was reinstalling all my itch games (upgrading OS new install)  in the player, funny thing when it came to your great game no matter what, it would not download any only if I opened your page in a browser. Somehow after a while I tryed switch my ISP since I have 2 lines and then smile it worked. Once again thanks finally I can enjoy your great game in the Itch application, I think one of my ISP's are having a real bad day :)  Platform: Windows 8.1


I can't play it, why isn't it letting me?

no reason it shouldnt work


Oh god, this game is amazingly funny. I laughed non stop for pretty much all of this video. Just the idea of a stretchy waiter, like this, actually serving you is creatively hilarious. 

I had a ton of fun while playing this game! Also the sounds are hilarious!! Thanks for sharing your work with us xD 
Here is my gameplay..


This game is hilarious! Genius! :D Check it out! It had a blast playing it!
Make more of these games!!

Hope you liked my let's play, if you did, check out my other indiegame let's plays on my game channel


Let me just say, this game is adorable, hilarious and to be honest brilliant. I loved every single moment of this game. 1,000,000/10 will replay again. Max out your lotion and extend all the way to the right, then go left and right really fast. Huehuehue.

Tis game was great. I loved how silly it was!


Hilarious game where your body just extends, i had alot of fun playing this!

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Hey Your game is pretty kickass,

I'm working on a video project called time capsules focusing on game indie devs. It's similar to sending a message to your self in 50 years;

Only five questions for my documentary:

1. What feature in your game can the player not experience anywhere else?

2. What's the biggest personal obstacle you had to overcome in creating your game so far? (it could be super technical or anything else that you want to talk about)

3. Who helped you decide to become a game dev?

4. What feature of the game do you absolutely love that no one would probably ever find?

5. What do you believe video games mean to humanity?

First couple of episodes

if you have some game footage or even better developmental footage of errors or other stuff you'd like to show people who have never programmed a day in their life.

also best ways to contact you, and all social media you use because I'll be displaying those through out the episode.

I think if people dig the game and dig your story they might reach out for questions or colabs you really never know what can come of it.

do you think you'd be interested in being my guest?



Created by SeaDads (our sweet game jam team):

barny cumming

This game is AWESOME!!!

teach me your editing ways


How do you save progress? (on any game, really)

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Absolutely love this unique 2D platformer. The mechanics are awesome and the sounds and voices are too much! Keep up the good work!

Check out similar videos on my YouTube channel : MastaCGaming


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i found a glitch where instead of the body expanding it duplicates the head it wont even let you contract XD file:///Users/bk/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202016-12-11%20at%208.18.54%20am.png and file:///Users/bk/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202016-12-11%20at%208.19.06%20am.png

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I loved this game, it is very unique and a whole lot of fun :D

very random

Like the game it is very fun

Fantastic game! Had me in stitches!

FUN! I raged soooo much!!

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Hilarious game!, the growing really threw me off!

I have no idea how you came up with this idea but keep up the creative work!

Link to the hilarity is here:

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