Datetech Update 1.4 - New Parts and PAX Aus

There's a new build of Kaiju Super Datetech up, with a bunch of changes we made recently before exhibiting at PAX Australia!

It was fun to finally play it in this kind of setting, here's a pic of our booth-

The new build has a bunch more body parts, hats, shoes and decorations to build your monstrosity with, as well as a bunch of tiny tweaks to make it easier for new players, and fixes to a bunch of bugs, especially with the audience commenting.

The game now automatically saves a screenshot of your finished robot- here's a gif of the ones people made at PAX:

Files 18 MB
Version 1.4 Nov 14, 2019 22 MB
Version 1.4 Nov 14, 2019 37 MB
Version 1.4 Nov 14, 2019

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Very fun, update is good.


Awesome, glad to see this still being worked on!