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Hey Developers, I played the first like 7 minutes of the game and all I can say is I am blown away. Seriously good job! The narration, the characters, the vision or foreshadowing or whatever when you do something that is going to get you killed... Excellent job! (edit: Just finished the game, you've got real talent, I'd love to see it become a full game!)


Super fun and interesting game!!!!


CRAZY NON STOP, EXHILARATING,OVER THE TOP EXCITEMENT!  Really that was very good, the voice acting is fantastic, the tone and theme all flowed very nice, and at any point it could flip into something new.  Really enjoyed this, great work


Awesome art, amazing vocals and a story that''' make your head turn so quick you'll decapitate yourself.

Brought to you in a tidy little bundle of a game.

Good work.


great game!


I just love this game. 10/10. The voice acting is also great. :) I Hope you make more games like this!


Another marvelous adventure by you guys! <3 I really loved the voice acting by Adrian and Sally - they've been such perfect counterparts and filled their characters with life. :) The whole art style left me super excited as well. The colors, all the little details... Stunning work. I suppose you'll score another high ranking in the Adventure Jam 2018 with this little baby. <3 I wrote a laudatory article about your jam game and also uploaded a playthrough video for anyone interested. :) Keep up the wonderful work!

Best wishes,

Really great game! The art style is pretty cool and it felt solid to play. Great stuff.

This was an absolutely fantastic game with everything from art,story,characters to voice acting and puzzles were so damn good.Everything except story wise this game was better than peridium which in my opinion had way better ending and story as compared to this.But voice acting was, I think much much better than Peridium and plus had a new lady voice actor who did a fantastic job in voicing as a psycho!

This was awesome! Great story, great art, great voice acting, holy cow!! I actually am not a fan of point and click games, mostly because of nonsensical puzzles and going on for to long. I'm proud to say Alluvium suffers from non of that though! 

Made a video


A MUST-SEE BREATHTAKING THRILLER! | Alluvium Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Even though I have played one of your other games in the past (Peridium, I believe) and I loved it, I still didn't expect this game to be THAT GOOD!

I mean, where do I even begin praising its beauty and glory?! From the littlest of details to Voice Acting, plot...EVERYTHING. We see all those "Big Games" out there and I swear to you, they're not even close to being THIS AMAZING!

I 1000% recommend this game! It's absolutely phenomenal! The only "downside" (if you even wanna call that...) was the fact that it didn't last longer! 

Keep doing you and making more games like the ones you've already made, cause they're DAMN FANTASTIC!

I wish you all the best and NEVER STOP MAKING GAMES! 

Thanks for the lovely comment, really appreciate it! I'm really glad it stuck the right cord!

Stop striking cords!! It's dangerous! Strike chords like every other SANE person. Is this why you're repeatedly writing about murderous schizoid mental breakdowns? Are you suffering from cord striking related acquired brain injury? 

I've been playing lots of free indie games over the week, and this game was one of them. I'm glad this was one of the games I chose to play, because it was intrensting and told the story very well. After playing this I'm now going to check out your other game, Peridium.


Hi there, I'd like to begin this by saying that Alluvium is a truly great game. First off there's the god the colours...the game is incredibly eye-catching, the artwork is simply gorgeous. Next there's the story, on the surface level it seems simple enough but there are so many twists and turns that I never saw coming, in short, the story is fantastic. Finally I'd like to give praise to the voice acting, it's absolutely phenomenal.

I can honestly say that I can't find any faults with the game, it plays as it's supposed to, and I encountered absolutely no bugs.

All in all, this is a fantastic game that delivers on every front. It has a unique aesthetic to it that catches the eye. The story/narrative is excellent and held together nicely throughout my playthrough. Props to you guys for creating such a great game in a short period of time, you should definitely be proud of what you have here.

Also, I hope you don't mind but I made a let's play of your game for my channel.

Cheers and best wishes to you!  

This has been more surprising and disturbing than Peridium... Great work :)

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 

Some really fantastic stuff here. The story is compelling, the artwork is gorgeous, the music is fantastic and the voice work is amazing. The fact that all this was assembled in under two weeks only compounds all that.

I usually have some distaste for point and click adventures, but this really manages to avoid one of my biggest issues with them, and that's the logic behind it all. There were only three times I really got stuck and two were because, I think, I didn't realize items could be combined. 

This is a work to be proud of, well done.

As much as I want to finish this game, but I had to stop due to work and my significant other having to go to work. But this is highly intriguing! IT took me almost an hour to play this game due to finding items and ways of progressing through the game. But when I've tried to finish the game, I went back to my saved progress, skipped through the dialogue quickly, but it crashed after a while.......maybe I can try playing the otehr games you made. :)

Ah yeah, more Powerhoof! Love you crazy kids.

Love your past games. I know this one will be great. Don't mind throwing a few bucks your way if it means more great adventure games!

Thanks, it really means a lot to have people showing their support like this!

Very impressive game, and it was made in 2 weeks. Nice job. I recommend it.


my channel:

watch video here:

After Peridium you just know this going to be good. Once again the voice acting is top notch. The music kicks in just at the right time to get you going. Another totally superb game. Big congrats to all involved... :)

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I'm staggered by the fact that this was completed within 2 weeks. Very impressive. Great visuals, audio (narration in particular) and I enjoyed the story too. Definitely recommended.

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